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The Oy Gevalt Challenge

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Welcome to theoygevalt, a photo sharing community that originally started out as a summer game between boblovesmusic and rampala_quistis, and as since expanding and allowed others to join in. For anyone with an interest in photography, mild or obsessive, this is the place to be.

The Oy Gevalt Challenge is a game for photography enthusiasts. A theme is posted every few days, with certain guidelines, and members make seperate posts with their pictures in response to the theme. Anyone can watch, but we ask that you only join if you have a camera and plan to participate. The Oy Gevalt is a Challenge, not a contest. We're sharing pictures and interpretations with friends, not competing for who takes the best pictures. It's about art, about making new friends, and about having fun.

o1.] Every few days, either boblovesmusic or rampala_quistis will post a new theme. While all members have posting access, only moderations are permitted to post new themes. However...
o2.] Anyone can suggest a theme, and we will use them! If you'd like to suggest a theme, please do so here.
o3.] Once a theme is posted, you are allowed to post pictures in response to that theme until the new theme is posted.
o4.] Themes can be anything from a single word, to a random phrase, to song lyrics.
o5.] Themes are 100% open to personal interpretation, in fact, we encourage you to find as many interpretations to a theme as possible!
o6.] With each theme, certain guidelines are posted. They are:

Candid? Yes/No
Staged? Yes/No
Older? Yes/No
Photoshopping? Yes/No/Required

The first three guidelines (Candid, Stages and Older) are what's permitted. Sometimes all three will be permitted, sometimes two, sometimes only one (at least one must be permitted).

Candid refers to candid pictures or pictures taken on a whim, not set-up. Staged refers to pictures that were planned or set-up. Sometimes both of these will be permitted, sometimes you'll have to do one or the other.

Older refers to pictures that you may have taken a week, a month, a year-- however long ago. Basically, older means any picture you didn't take specifically for the contest. Sometimes you'll be permitted to use old pictures you have lying around, other times you will be required to take new ones.

Photoshopping refers to manipulating the picture in anyway except for resizing. If Photoshopping isn't permitted, you may not crop, adjust the color balance, contrast, brightness, etc., use special effects or do anything to the picture except resize it. If Photoshopping is permitted... let your imagination go wild!

o1.] Unless otherwise specified, members are only allowed to submit one picture per theme.
o2.] All pictures must be your original work. If it's on your computer, but you didn't take it, it's not eligible.
o3.] Pictures for a theme can be submitted from as soon as the theme is posted until the next theme is posted.
o4.] When posting a picture for a theme, always put "Theme #: [Theme Title]" in the subject line.
o5.] When posting a picture for a theme, always put the picture underneath a LJ cut.
o6.] Be sure to observe the four guidelines for any given theme. Anything marked "Yes" is permitted, but only required if there are no other options.
o7.] Always be polite. Rudeness is a very quick way to get banned from the community.
o8.] Have fun! This is heavily enforced.

+ Theme #1: I Forgot
+ Theme #2: Renewal
+ Theme #3: Maybe
+ Theme #4: Chaos Theory
+ Theme #5: Green is in Season
+ Theme #6: On my Head
+ Theme #7: There is Beauty and Pain in Me
+ Theme #8: Emotion
+ Theme #9: I Took The Trash Today And I'm On Fire
+ Theme #10: This Air is Blessed
+ Theme #11: An idea Falls from a Porcelain Sky
+ Theme #12: Silver Rain Fell
+ Theme #13: Superstition is for the Unimaginative
+ Theme #14: Rinse Thoroughly
+ Theme #15: Father's Day
+ Theme #16: Double Vision
+ Theme #17: May Be Hazardous To Your Health
+ Theme #18: Saturn (The Car Brand)
+ Theme #19: Powers of Four
+ Theme #20: Glowing
+ Theme #21: Me and My Arrow
+ Theme #22: An Attempt
+ Theme #23: Unsound
+ Theme #24: And So it Begins...
+ Theme #25: Classic

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